Our Young Writers

"If you are always trying to be normal
You will never know how amazing you can be." Maya Angelou

As part of our GloBUNTU Mindset Concept® and Africa for Smart Kids Clubs, we offer carefully designed transformational Master Classes for aspiring young writers of African descent, both from the continent and its diasporas.

In our Master Classes, we mentor and coach aspiring young writers through their writing process in a very focused and intensive way that allows them to overcome all sorts of typical writers’ challenges like FEAR, INSECURITY; BLOCKS, LACK OF INSPIRATION; INCONSISTENCY etc. Our concept ensures that each participant comes out of our classes with their completed manuscripts in their hands. We work with highly experienced graphic designers, illustrators, and editors to assure the best quality in record time.

“You come into our Master Class with an idea and walk out with your book in your hands and with a completely new perception of Africa.” Beatrice Achaleke

Our current Master Class for Smart Young Writers is taking place at the Uthando Afrika Tikkun Center in Johannesburg.

Thank you for checking in again  in April for the calendar of upcoming master classes.