What is GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding™?

SubsCroudFunding™ is a social entrepreneurship concept founded by Beatrice Achaleke to support Africa’s youth and women with great business ideas but without start-up capital and who want to leverage on the powers of the internet and social media to start up their business without either having to wait for donations, funding, development Aids and massive interest on bank loans nor give up their dreams.

In other words ….

The concept is a combination of carefully designed GloBUNTU steps designed to leverage on the power of social media contacts to build a pool of subscribers within a clearly defined period of time, using specified social media channels with the intention of generating revenue through a dual approach of monetizing and campaigning to raise start-up capital for business and or social projects.

What is the big deal about GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding™?

The magic about the GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding is that you really got nothing to lose and everything to win. All it takes is ONE CLICK and you are done. We take care of the rest while you start earning many exclusive rewards. Here are some of them:

Your money stay in your pocket

You do not spend a dim, except when you really want to do so.

Your blueprint

As an early bird SubsCroudFunder™ you earn the title of a “GloBUNTU SubsCroudFounder” and have your name engraved on our online “SubsCroudFounder Hall of Fame” for life.

Additional exclusive rewards

When you decided to also SubsCroudFund our twin campaign on Patron, you get additional rewards reserved only for our Patrons. Check it our here.

GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding™ Tribe

Once we hit our first Milestone of 1000 SubsCroudFunders on YouTube I commit to use the concept to coach the first 10 batch of GloBUNTU SubsCroudPreneurs™, with special focus on girls, boys and women ready to become Kick-start their own businesses.

Who is a GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding™?

A GloBUNTU SubsCroudPreneur is someone who uses the GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding strategy to successfully kick-start hers/his own business.

Here are our SubsCroudFunding milestones and additional rewards

Milestone 1: total of 500 SubsCroudFunders, YouTube + Patron combined

The moment we heat our 500th SubsCroudFunder, each SubsCroudFounder receives a special THANK YOU message and an audio copy of my Top100 Mandela quotes.

Milestone 2: Total of 1001 SubsCroudFunders YouTube + Patron combined

When we hit 1001 SubsCroudFunders, each SubsCroudFounder receives an EBook version of my “I know my Africa from A for Algeria – Z for Zimbabwe via Email.

Milestone 3: 5000 SubsCroudFunders, YouTube and Patron combined

Once we reach 5000 on both campaigns I commit to give the experience forward, step by step, to the first 10 young SubsCroudPreneurs. These will have to undergo an application and selection process. GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunders will collectively select the winners. I will then give them a two days crash course coach on how to become our first GloBUNTU SubsCroudPreneurs.

Milestone 4: 20000 SubsCroudFunders on both YouTube and Patron combined

Once this new milestone is achieved I promise to open up the GloBUNTU SubsCroudPreneur Academy® for smart upcoming business SubsCroudPreneurs. The academy will recruit and coach young people and women with entrepreneurial ideas on how to skip the hustles of funding, high bank interest on start-up loans, dependencies on sponsorship and donations on their way to becoming smart, independent and successful business people. The academy will start on an annual basis.

How the GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding™ works on YouTube

You visit our YouTube channel. Click here to get

Click on the “subscribe” button and BOOM!! You are now a GloBUNTU SubsCroudPreneur, congratulations!

Click on the “notification” button so you never miss a new juicy video

You are almost done! Now please share with your friends and increase the circle and enable them to join and get rewarded to.

Thank you kindly! I look forward to welcoming you in the GloBUNTU SubsCroudFluencial™ Hall of Fame

How the  GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding™ works on Patron

  1. You log into our Patron Campaign page here:

2. Click on “Become A Patron”

3. Select your preferred reward category and follow the instructions

4. Once you are done with your Subscription you will receive a Thank You message from me! And Boom boom!! You are in. Now you have access to my patron wall and your selected rewards.

This is how we get it done, effortlessly

My part of the deal

I commit to take care of the following:

  1. To upload two juicy videos every week
  2. Update you at the end of every week about our progress
  3. Deliver all rewards on time to you
  4. Celebrate our milestones on a Google hangout brunch with you on each first Sunday after we reach out milestone
  5. Draft a “call for application” for our first 10 GloBUNTU SubsCroudPreneurs™
  6. Share the call with you and organize and online voting process
  7. Set up the online GloBUNTU Tribe of Fame page and update regularly
  8. Present to you our winners and update you in their coaching dates and progress.
  9. Launch the GloBUNTU SubsCroudFunding Academy™ once we reach our 4the Milestone

Now here is our part of the deal

  1. You commit to click on the “subscribe button” on our YouTube channel
  2. You subscribe on Patron page (optional) But I really hope that you will do so.
  3. Share this campaign with your friends, family colleagues, forums, alumni’s, social media etc. to grow out tribe

Here are some comparative advantages of SubsCroudFunding to other forms of capital

  1. SubsCroudFunding ignites and activates creativity
  2. SubsCroudFunding gives people their independence, dignity, and financial freedom, otherwise controlled by funder and donors and banks
  3. SubsCroudFunding gives them total control over their lives and business decisions, without interference of any kind.
  4. SubsCroudFunding helps them save a lot of time they would otherwise waist on drafting projects and reporting to funders
  5. SubsCroudFunding help them save money and time
  6. SubsCroudFunding takes away the frustration of running after funders and getting negative responses
  7. SubsCroudFunding help start-ups to build a community, a family of supporters, who are keen on seeing them succeed
  8. SubsCroudFunding generates it money automatically legally and effortless.