GloBUNTU Expert Symposium 2020


Invited speakers are carefully selected high profile experts from different works of life considered be  powerhouses and keepers of knowledge and wisdom needed to fulfill the goals of this symposium. 

When and where

This One hundred and seventy minutes virtual symposium will take place on Sept 30, 2020, from 14:00-16:30 SAT (GMT+2)

Virtual venue to be confirmed next

Free Participation

Participation is free and available for invited guests only.

Registration link available soon.

Why An UBUNTU Symposium Now? 

There is no doubts that our world is currently experiencing one of the biggest challenges of our time, economically, socially, demographically and even politically. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be realigning our world in many ways. It is obvious that nothing is going to remain the same when we come out of the current pandemic. With Covid-19 our world is forcefully undergoing a paradigm shift, calling for new concepts on how we relate to each other  in our private, social, educational, professional and business spaces when this is over.  The question is, what if Africa had such a concept? Could UBUNTU be the answer to what the world needs after Covid-19?

The significance of Africa in the world

Africa is the cradle of humankind, the second largest and youngest continent in the world, one of the world’s most significant source of mineral and natural resources, and one of the world’s largest market for products and services. What if in addition to all these Africa has a recovery concept for the world after Covid-19? 

It is no secret that Africa and her children have survived not only centuries of colonisation, enslavement, Neo-colonisation, apartheid, countless repressions, civil wars, genocide and foreign rule, but also some exploitative acts of philanthropy and charity. Yet, the continent and her children remain like a weed that bends when the wind blows but never breaks. 

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic world scientists and experts are still trying to figure out why Africa remains the least affected continent in the world. 

Africa continues to stand out

Despite all the different layers of challenges, we face as Africans remain some of the most forgiving, hospitable, thriving and happiest people in the world. 

Shared knowledge and wisdom have it that these have to do with our very essence of being Africans, our humanness and our perception of what it means to be human and to live as a human with other humans. This humanness is the foundation of our African way of life embedded in our profound wisdom and philosophies like UBUNTU.

The essence

The essence of this expert symposium is to unlock, understand and explore the global significance of the African Philosophy of UBUNTU as a concept that can improve human relationships in different areas of our lives after Covid-19.  

The discussions will focus on the following four key areas: 

1.    Unveil and understand the philosophy of UBUNTU in its different variations and contexts across Africa and the diaspora.

2.    Discuss how it can be used by us humans to recover from the current pandemic.

3.    Explore how schools, especially in Africa and the diaspora can use it to decolonise our minds and our education systems.

4.    Examine how organisations and businesses can use it to build more human-worthy businesses relationships after the pandemic.