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We are unapologetically possessive and obsessive when it comes to claiming ownership of our stories!

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Our books are printed and delivered on demand and available on Amazon and Kindle. The 3D version of our books is on the way. Expect a memorable reading experience!                   

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Growing our minds time after COVID-19

Drastic times call for collective efforts.

We at GloBUNTU Books® are very much aware of the learning challenges that kids, families and schools may have during the current pandemic and resulting needs in the area of education from home. To help keep our kids informed and educated, we are happy to make our online quizzes available for free to kids and families. Thank you for sharing a these with families, kids and teachers who may need it.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our kids acquire the kind of knowledge that allows them to best discover, embrace and own their history, legacy and heritage in a way that gives them a proud sense of identity and belonging when they come our of the pandemic. This is what we call personal growth. This is our commitment at GloBUNTU Books®.


"At GloBUNTU Books we write and publish what we love to read and that which makes us proud of our African heritage. When it comes to owning our stories, we are unapologetical, possessive and obsessive."
Ankwetta Achaleke B.
"Beatrice is a brilliant social engineer. She understands how to help writers activate the divine inspiration within. Her coaching sessions are designed in a way to motivate and inspire you to write even when things get challenging. I guarantee you will leave feeling inspired to keep writing, because she empowers you with the tools to be successful!" Dr. Alecia Blackwood
Dr. Alecia Blackwood
"I bought book 1 of the “Africa for Smart Kids” book series a few days ago and found myself engaged from the very beginning. I was searching for quality books about Africa. I heard about this one. I wanted to purchase for my nieces/nephews for Christmas as well as recommend to my friends from having first-hand knowledge of it. There are many books on various topics that I’ve picked up, read portions of it but got distracted without finishing it. Not this book. I read from cover to cover and felt sad when I finished reading it. The author did an outstanding job writing it, keeping readers engaged and providing excellent information. I learned a ton of information about Africa. She made the voices of youth come alive while making it relevant to adults!"
Lorna Blake