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“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.” -Nelson Mandela-

In 2013 an Austrian publisher decided to not publish her second book 7 days before the release and official launch; Beatrice Achaleke founded GloBUNTU Books in response. Since then she has written and published 22 books of her own, 11 of which have been approved by the Gauteng Department of Education for use in schools.
In 2019 Beatrice opened the doors of GloBUNTU Books to young black authors who have similar difficulties finding publishers for their works. Since then she has successfully coached several adults and 11 kids to write and have their own books published by GloBUNTU Books and the numbers are growing.

GloBUNTU Books is a rapidly growing African owned publishing company that aspires to make a visible contribution in the publishing landscape with a focus on books on African identity and legacy, written for global audiences by Africans in Africa and the diaspora. 

GloBUNTU Books strives to fill the gap in the book industry when it comes to African children books. What we do differently is that, unlike many publishers we coach black kids to write for themselves, their peers and even for adults. This game change comes with lots of advantages and benefits for our young authors and the world of literature as a whole. We are African identity and heritage driven and youth-focused.

GloBUNTU Books is a female African owned publishing company that aspires to become the leader in the publishing landscape when it comes to decolonising the minds of the youth, at home and in schools, in Africa and the diaspora with carefully written books and resources by young Africans.

Bring GloBUNTU Books to households, private and public schools, libraries, youth centres, institutions of learning, training, as well as foundations and companies.

Continuously groom black young writers through coaching them to write and have their own books published. 


Behind every GloBUNTU Book is the author, different editors and a graphic designer.


Beatrice Achaleke Fonya is a global citizen with over 25 years of international experience. She is a proud mother of two, a lecturer, author, transformational public speaker, executive trainer, diversity and inclusion expert, founder several organizations and concepts including the GloBUNTU Transformational Mindshift System™. She is a multiple award-winning social transfopreneur.

Beatrice brings with her more than 29 years of global experiences. From 1995-2015 she lived in Europe and worked around the globe. During that time, she founded many organisations and companies including the Black Women’s Community 2003, and the International Center for Black Women’s perspectives 2006. In 2008 she convened the First Black European Women Congress, which led to the creation of the Black European Women’s Council, and she was elected its first president. In this position, she worked very closely with the European Commission and Parliament as well as its affiliate institutions.


In 2008 Beatrice was the first black woman to stand for parliamentary elections in Austria. In 2010 the award-winning blog “Black Women in EuropeTM “Power List 2010” featured her as one of the most influential black women in Europe.

In 2019 she founded Diversity Leadership and Consulting. In this company, she became the first to drive diversity and inclusion in Austria and to host a series of very high profile diversity and inclusion conference in Europe. These included World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe, and the European Diversity, Business and Inclusion Congresses.

For the past 18 years, Beatrice has been a an executive trainer, facilitator, coach and for several Austrian and European institutions and organizations as well as lecturer at several Austrian and German institutions of higher learning including the Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Applied Arts, Management Center Innsbruck, just to mention a few.

As a passionate transformational public speaker, Beatrice has spoken at diverse international high-ranking forums in Africa, America and Europe, including the European Parliament and Commission, the UN offices in Geneva, Vienna and New York, the Austrian Presidency, Harvard University in Boston, Austrian Embassy in Washington, European Forum Alpbach, League of Black Women in Florida, Time for Equality Luxemburg, Mercer in London, JCI Johannesburg, and Kenya, African Diaspora development forum, Nairobi, Africa for African International Women, in Nelson Mandela Bay, Skills Development Summit Johannesburg, The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources in Michigan/USA etc.

Her recent awards include the NAAAHR 2018 Trailblazer Honoree (USA), recognition as one of the TOP 100 Difference Makers in South Africa in October 2017 as well as the Make a Difference Award, Global Diversity Innovation Award, Mia Award, African Diva Award, Official Decoration of the Federal Republic of Austria etc.

Born in Cameroon Achaleke spent 20 years in Austria. In 2015 she moved to South Africa to pursue her passion for writing and publishing. Since then she has written and published over 22 books in her “Africa for Smart Kids” book a series with the mission is to unveil Africa from an entirely new perspective that gives kids self-pride, self-confidence and a positive sense of African identity. 

Ketso Motloung
KMP Productions

All GloBUNTU Book covers are designed by Ketso Mutloung. Ketso is a Young Black Multimedia Student and entrepreneur who offers several multimedia solutions besides book cover designs and his studies.
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