Africa for Smart Clubs

"When we reject the single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise." Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Introduction the “Africa for Smart Kids Club by Beatrice Achaleke

African for Smart Kids Clubs (AFSKC)

The “Africa for Smart Kids” Club is the Youth Talent and business incubator program of GloBUNTU Books.

The vision of the Clubs: To establish Africa for Smart Kids clubs in all 54 countries of Africa, and the diaspora including Asia, Europea, North America, Latin America, and the Caribean.
Club Mission 

  • Identify, activate and foster natural creative talents of our youth through carefully designed programs,
  • Break out of the vicious circle of unemployment, idleness, disillusionment and crime.
  • Unlock, explore and develop career opportunities in the creative and entertainment industries 
  • Use creative writing and performances to boost self-esteem, assertiveness, self-confidence and a proud sense of identity
  • Drive entrepreneurship and a love for business among youth
  • Link youth of African descent with their peer around the globe.
Club activities include the following

  • Master Classes for Smart Young Writers
  • Smart Debaters
  • Smart Reporters
  • I know my Africa – The Quiz
  • Africa for Smart Kids the Musical
  • Creative Master Class for Smart Moms and Caregivers 


The following can apply to host a club 
  • Universities
  • Youth Center
  • Libraries
  • Foundations
  • Churches
  • Community organisations
  • Any group of 10 to 20 youth and young adults between the ages of 5 and 20
  • Group of parents wishing to support their kids
Benefits for club members include the following 

  • A mutual sense of identity and belonging
  • Self-esteem self-confidence, self-image and self-pride
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Personal growth, self, and collective leadership
  • Individual and teamwork
  • Ability to release inner conflicts and wounds, to let go and to heal
  • Unleash creativity, curiosity, and interest in the world of work
  • Global visibility, networking, exchanges and mutual learning
Some exclusivebenefits for Sponsors and investors
This is the perfect way to give forward to your community or formal school

  • Tax refund certificate
  • Contribute to social impact and community transformation
  • Access to a pipeline of emerging talents
  • Investment in Life Long Learning
  • Engagement possibilities in all 5 module
  • Write a preface in books written by club kids
  • “Championed by” logo on club gadgets
  • receive 11 books of the “Africa for Smart Kids” club collection
  • “Powered by” button on club videos
  • Tickets to annual youth camps
  • Web Logo link
  • Tickets to club events



How to get started


We greatest joy is to see you started as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Talk to us today about how to host a club, to sponsor or how to become a club investor. Send us an email to and make sure to add “club start-up) as your reference.