The Musical


"Many young people especially, from disadvantaged backgrounds have lots of untaped creative talents which, if used, could change their lives and the future of their communities and even their countries." Beatrice Achaleke 

We believe that the high rate of youth unemployment in (South) Africa is partly due to lack of adequate engagement and orientation. The crime rate is fueled by idleness, lack of opportunities and career perspectives. What you see above is a compact version of our first creative camp in December 2017.

Africa for smart Kids – The musical

Once the kids have the books, we make our musical program the ultimate incentive that encourages them to read books, to own contents and to leverage the creative career opportunities that come with reading these books and being part of the musical.

Activities of our Africa for Smart Kids – The Musical include reading, acting, singing, dancing, illustrating, presenting, research, debates, design and much more.

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