The Quiz

Africa for Smart Kids - The Quiz is a program of the "Africa for Smart Kids" Club. 

“Africa for Smart Kids – The Quiz builds on the “Africa for Smart Kids” book series. The quiz is designed to help our contestants gain a deeper understanding of Africa from different perspectives. The knowledge they gain from these quiz materials contents allows them to understand better their African history, identity, heritage culture, and its role it play in the world.

Participation helps then acquire skills such as communication, public speaking, the love for reading and research, self and collective leadership etc. As a result, they gain more self-confidence, assertiveness,  sense of identity and self-pride as Africans and people of African descent. Clubs have the chance to rehearse and contest first within their own club. The best candidates then have the opportunity to challenge with other clubs. 

Inbox us if your which to know how to be part of “Africa for Smart Kids – The Quiz”.