Young Writers

"Activating, motivating and coaching our youth in doing their own research and writing books about themselves and their communities has many advantages. It keeps them occupied and away from idleness and possible crime. It makes them creators and owners of powerful contents, they can use to drive their own businesses. In our Master Casses we drivie youth entrepreneurship through creative writing. It is about creating the future we want to see, about knowing, owing and driving our Africa."  Beatrice Achaleke 

We believe in using creative writing, reading, acting, singing, dance, poetry, presentation etc. to activate and support our youth to break out of the vicious circle of unemployment, idleness, crime, and disillusionment and to unlock new possibilities and opportunities.

The Master Class for young writers – Say it in your own words, it is more powerful!

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.” Mary Lou Cook

Claiming, owning and telling our own stories. Who are as African youth, both in the continent and in the diaspora? What do we think about ourselves and Africa? What are our expectations, wishes, challenges, and perspectives for Africa by 2030? What role can we or do we play in reshaping the African narrative? Personality, identity, migration, home, Country of origin vs. country of residence, being youth or a Diasporan, challenges, opportunities and possibilities etc. How much do we know about our Africa REALLY? What role does Africa play in the Global economy REALLY? These are some of the issues that this master class will focus on. It is about writing to connect Africa with its diaspora during the UN Decade for People of African Descent that started in 2015 and which runs through 2024.

Pieces written during the master class will be compiled and published by GloBUNTU Books and disseminated across Africa and its Diaspora.

 The aim of this program is to identify potential young writers and to coach and mentor them from the idea of writing and actually publishing their own books.

Target audiences include

Schools and youth organisations, NGOs and individuals, students and youth workers both in the continent and its diasporas. The master class coaches and mentors potential young writers through a unique research and writing program that enable them to write and publish new books about the untold stories of the Africa we are proud of.

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