Africa for Smart Kids - Book 3

Join our three teenagers, Atabong, Nguisse and Prince Fuareke along with Mosquito Zangalo on this third trip through Africa, as they unveil the diversity of the continent. Find out about life expectancy, ethnic groups, sexual orientation, people with disabilities, languages, black and white Africans and much more. Read with curiosity, ask your own questions and find your own answers. Enjoy and share with people you love.



“Not only is ‘Africa for Smart Kids’ a must read, must keep and must share, but the book series also educates adults and not just (African) children. It is a series that aims to ignite conversations across generations, irrespective of skin colour, in Africa and in the diaspora, wherever they are in the world.” Pauline Felicia Baird Ph.D. (Guyana).

ISBN-13: 978-1544225029