“ After reading 'Africa for Smart Kids' you have the feeling you just took a trip across Africa. The books are so informative and help you to see Africa from a completely new perspective”, even without having to travel." Mandla Nkosi- student from Cape Town

I write for my audience. I care very much about how they feel and what they say after reading my books. I will love to hear from you if you have any comments/feedback or suggestions you wish to share with me. I will be delighted to find your comment in my inbox. Here are some of the feedback I received so far.

Charles and Laura – UK

I enjoy the “Africa for Smart Kids” book series a lot. It is inspiring for me to know and to share these positive information about Africa. As I have never been to Africa, I used to believe the negative images portrayed about Africa. Now I see the inner beauty in Africa and think my parents were truly fortunate to be born and to grow up there.

I think many more kids of African descend like me should read these books as they deserve to know about their African heritage. After reading the first three books, Africa seemed like a different place to me. I also believe that all kids will benefit from reading these books. I know I’m very lucky to have them while I’m a child. I’m thrilled and grateful I was introduced to the “Africa for Smart Kids” Book Series. I rate it with 110/100.

(Charles was born in the UK. His mom and dad are from Cameroon.)

Laura (12 years young, UK)

As a child that has a strong African background but doesn’t fully understand their culture, these books ware a great asset to me. They enlightened me on topics from constituencies to confident African leaders. These books really do show readers about all the sparkling potential and skills Africa has encrusted in its history.

Before reading these books, people often depicted Africa to me in a rather negative way. However but currently I am starting to recognise the beauty Africa has hidden inside. “Africa for Smart Kids” is a lovely book series with caring characters that can really inspire children like me to express their African background!

Laura is Charles’ elder sister. Both were born in the UK and raised in the UK)

Candile Mbingo – Swaziland

Hello! My name is Condile Mbingo!

First of all, I like the way the “Africa for Smart Kids” books series is written. They are easy to read and understand as they are in a dialogue form. They also use a friendly language for children.

After reading books I, 2 and 3 I was inspired because they have the right information to clear the negative thoughts and reports about us Africans. The books bring back the dignity that was snatched from Black People.

Reading the books helped me discover a lot of things about my beautiful continent. The “Africa for Smart Kids” book series also provided me with the history of great African leaders and information that is very significant for us children to know. Through reading the books, I have realised that Africa is wealthy and not as poor as we mostly think.

I now feel like I know many things about Africa even though I’m still willing to learn and discover more about my rich heritage. I am now confident enough to say that I am proud to be an African and I am ready to discover more about my Africa through the AFRICA FOR SMART KIDS book series.

(Condile Mbingo is a 16 years old student from Swaziland.)

Carol Stewart – Jamaika/UK

Oh, how I wish I’d had “Africa for Smart Kids” when I was a child. Growing up in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, I didn’t know anything about my African heritage. All I knew about Africa then were the negative messages that the media portrayed, forming in me an unconscious bias towards what I now know to be such a beautiful continent.

I believe that every child of African descent needs to read “Africa for Smart Kids”, to learn about the culture and the history of the African continent that is so often misrepresented. And not only that, I believe that ALL children will benefit from reading “Africa for Smart Kids” too. Having been introduced to Beatrice through the Cherie Blair Foundation as her mentor, we immediately hit it off. I have seen “Africa for Smart Kids” come to life during our time working together and I am excited to see the series unfold.

Africa for Smart Kids Book 3 – Are all Africans black? While I don’t believe a person’s heritage fully determines who they are or who they will become, I do believe it is important that we know our heritage in order to understand who we are.

I believe that “Africa for Smart Kids” goes some way in helping Africans and those of African descent gain knowledge and understanding of their heritage. For those who are not of African descent, “Africa for Smart Kids” is a great learning resource to gain an understanding of the African continent. Beatrice’s creative mind has put together a wonderful series of books that will educate not just children but adults too, on the African culture, its history and its people. The “Africa for Smart Kids” series is not only a set of books but is a complete learning experience.

Carol Stewart MSc
The Coach for High Achieving Introverted Women
Executive, Career and Business Coach

Bibiana Taku – Cameroon

Is it possible to know about Africa without situating it among the other continents of the world? If we are able to show where Africa is located on the map of the world, will this be a complete answer to the question: “Where is Africa?” What if a little more information is given about the diversified geography and rich cultural diversity of Africa which is linked to its place in the map of the world?

This book will help the readers to identify Africa as the seventh continent that is surrounded by the Americas, Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Australia. It will also help the curious readers to know that Africa is not a country, as some people think, but a continent with many countries, a variety of cultures and a unique civilization. Therefore, in order to locate Africa, we need to provide answers to many many questions. Book 2 of Achaleke Beatrice’s series “Africa for Smart Kids” will provide some of these answers, while more detailed answers will be given in subsequent books. I invite you to read on!


Founder and CEO of Diversity Management and Consulting, Douala – Cameroon,                           Founder of the Gabriel Bebongbechem Memorial Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing.

Lorna Blake- Jamaica/Canada

I bought book 1 of the “Africa for Smart Kids” book series a few days ago and found myself engaged from the very beginning. I was searching for quality books about Africa. I heard about this one. I wanted to purchase for my nieces/nephews for Christmas as well as recommend to my friends from having first-hand knowledge of it. There are many books on various topics that I’ve picked up, read portions of it but got distracted without finishing it. Not this book. I read from cover to cover and felt sad when I finished reading it. The author did an outstanding job writing it, keeping readers engaged and providing excellent information. I learned a ton of information about Africa. She made the voices of youth come alive while making it relevant to adults!

Lorna Blake                                                                                       International Empowerment Specialist with a gift for helping people of all cultures