The Brains

“If 10 years before I knew what I now know about Africa, ever since I started the Africa for Smart Kids series, I am sure that I would not have stayed in Europe for 20 years. There is no doubt that the future is happening in Africa and I am so glad to be back in the continent to be part of a great future in the making.” Beatrice Achaleke 

An African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child”. At GloBUNTU Books it takes the collective efforts of wonderful, experienced and passionate individuals for our books to get to you, our reader. Here are some of the brains behind our books:

Beatrice Achaleke – the founder and passionate author

I am a passionate writer irrespective of the fact that have dyslexia. What many people do not know is that I struggle to write. I spend quite a lot of time on my manuscripts before they get to the editor. The stupid thing about being dyslexic is that you can never guarantee for typos free writing and the older you grow, the more challenging it becomes to manage. This notwithstanding, a day without writing is like a day without food. As a passionate, independent writer and young publisher, I surround myself not only with a good and patient editor but also with a whole bunch of like-minded, talented, creative and equally passionate experts. Together we are ignite and keep the GloBUNTU Books vision alife.  Meet some of my beautiful people below:

Victoria & Norman – my supporting challengers

Behind every successful mom are powerful, inspiring, supporting, understanding, engaging and challenging kids. Victoria, my big “provocative boss”, and Norman, my “analytical part-time lawyer” are not only the best teachers I ever had, but they are also my backbone, my life, my company, my source of energy, strength, and creativity. They are more them my kids, they are my brains and everything that I am, even though they would tell me to stop being sentimental when they hear me say these.

No words can describe what I feel for them and how much they mean to me. They are not only the voices of “Africa for Smart Kids” but also my greatest and hardest critics. With them onboard you can be sure that I shall never stop writing, as long as I live.


Ketso Motloung – the creative designer

Ketso is the brain behind our colourful and beautiful book covers. He is also responsible for the design of our engaging storyteller Nguisse, Atabong, Prince Fuareke and our very own Mosquito Zangalo.

Ketso is a highly talented, ambitious student of Multi-media at the University of Pretoria. Besides his passion for graphic design and multi-media, he is also a young entrepreneur. If you are in Gauteng Ketso is the best address for your events when it comes to photography, video, and graphic design. “Ketso knows how to listen to me, then get inside my brains and bring out the book covers and characters of the “Africa for Smart Kids” series like no else does. It is a delight to work with young talents like Ketso.”


David Kaplan – editor and proofreader

David takes time to proofread and edit my many typos. With him, on board, I feel like I can write a book every day.


Odette Ndoumbe – The French voice of “Africa for Smart Kids.”

Odette Elykiah NDoumbé was a journalist for many years in Cameroon, her country of origin. She changed career and became Program Manager in Toronto-Canada, to serve francophone women facing all kinds of violence. She now lives between North America and Africa, and advocates for Africans to discover Africa.

Be it as a journalist or as a program manager; her work has always been about change, about transformation, about social justice, and about bridging people. This is what she says in her own words: I have learned along the way in my work and life that we, African people matter. By observing people, interviewing them, working with them, listening to them, I am convinced that when we stand together in sisterhood and brotherhood, we bring change. Because we, African understand the true meaning ‘’I am because you are’’ (our Ubuntu philosophy). It is in our DNA. If we practice more of the togetherness UBUNTU teaches us, great things happen. According to me, this is the best way we can make it in life.

Terence Gabriel Asaba – the expert for the African school books market

Terence has been in the school books distribution industry for many years. With his knowledge of the market, we are sure that many children and schools will soon have “Africa for Smart Kids” in their hands and their libraries.

As an African and a dad with school kids, combined with his expertise, Terence knows the urgent need for children and school books with updated and empowering African contents.


Angeline Mhlanga – Events & Marketing

Angeline, my personal Angel, is my passionate sister from Zimbabwe. She studied Public Relations and Hospitality Management. Besides being a mother herself, Angeline brings onboard her experiences from her previous position as youth camp in Zimbabwe. She worked at Disney USA. She has two unpublished books poetry and a children’s book.

With Angeline’s event management skills and passion, we are sure to welcome you in one of our events very soon.