Beatrice Achaleke

Beatrice Achaleke (Cam/AT/SA)
Founder and author of GloBUNTU Books,
Follow me to Africa, GloBUNTU Academy for Happy Minds, GloBUNTU Fellowship    

Mastermind of the GloBUNTU Transformational Mindset System®, accomplished writer, lecturer, transformational and public speaker, mentor, global learner, mother
Mastermind of the  and Africa for Smart Kids - The Musical

Beatrice Achaleke is a multiple award-winning serial social Transforpreneur, a transformational, a passionate public speaker and executive trainer. She  has more than 25 years of global expertise, experience and know-how in the areas of diversity and inclusion, intercutural communication, community empowerment, and political activism, integration management and much more. In 2014 she radically packed her two suitcases and relocated from Austria (after 20 years) to South African where launch her Follow Me To Africa agenda, started her creative writing career and lauched a series of youth empowerment and social entrepreneurship programs driven by her passion for creative writing.

Prior to her move, Beatrice was founder and CEO of Diversity Leadership & Consulting (DL), convenor and Manager of the European Diversity & Inclusion Congress, and World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe, lecturer at several Austrian Universities inclduing the Vienna Business University, the Unversity for Applied Arts, Management Center Innsbruck , just tio mention a few.

As a transformational public speaker, Beatrice has spoken on many international platforms around the globe including TEDTalk Klagenfurt, European Forum Alpbach, The European Parliament and Commission, Havard University, Diversity Best Practice etc. Beatrice is fluent in English, French, German and other African languages.

Beatrice Achaleke studied sociology at the University of Vienna and law at the University of Yaoundé, Cameroon. Currently her passion lies in using her GloBUNTU Mindset Concept, combined with her many years of global experience and expertise to create solutions that engage youth, take them away from the streets, and off drugs and crimes, by exposing them to her specially designed creative master classes that include a series of  musicals, presentations, quiz, creative writing, self-esteem etc.

What some people say about Beatrice

“Beatrice Achaleke is a magnificent teacher, speaker, mother, sister and friend who is dedicated to life learning and rigorous application. She is a brilliant mind who seeks thorough understanding in every quest, and demands the highest motivation from her inner voice. She has invoked the passion within me to focus on my goals and not rest until they come to fruition.” Erika Dunlap – Miss America 2004, Florida/USA

“I have had the honour of working with Beatrice on several different occasions. We worked together, for example, at the European Diversity & Inclusion Congress, which she founded. Beatrice is a great trainer in the fields of diversity management, intercultural communication, lobbying and networking, mentorship programs, anti-racism, migration and integration, minorities and community empowerment as well as development policies. To sum up, Beatrice is a trainer, an outstanding speaker and an innovator. She is one of the most innovative and inspiring people I have ever met.” Nicola Frantz-Jobarteh – Youth Coach, Diversity Management and Gender Equality Officer, Vienna/Austria

“I met you, Beatrice, almost 20 years ago and I felt blessed by your presence. You are a role model for many other citizens with roots in different countries of the world. I appreciate the most your high social and intercultural competence with the commitment to empowering others, building trust, accountability and your purposefulness and creative handling in unforeseen circumstances.” Annamaria Bokor, Project manager for Africa, Vienna/Caritas Austria


“I know a few migrant women that accompanied others into sole proprietorship like Beatrice does. It may sound exaggerating to say Beatrice is not a Hollywood star but, she can connect you to Hollywood. She has some mechanisms that are very vital for networking. I have not seen with Beatrice since 2008 when I moved to Germany. I know a lot has happened since then and I hope those who continued with her will be available to show you more of Beatrice.” Prisca Agbor, CEO Africa GPS360, Germany

“I feel like I have known Beatrice a lot longer than I actually have, partially because she has been such a gem to know. A wealth of knowledge, experience and independent thought. Take time to talk to her and you will understand what I mean,  her positive nature rubs off Jolly Makorosi, Founding CEO of Makorossi Financial Consulting, Johannesburg/South Africa.

“Beatrice is an outstanding international leader of diversity and inclusion. In addition to her skills and competencies in this area, she has been at the forefront of organizing D&I professionals from across the globe.” Benjamin D. Reese Jr., President of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education.


“Beatrice Achaleke is clearly an innovative starter. A quick look at her background and you cannot miss seeing multiple appearances of words that describe her as a founder, a first and an initiator. Clearly, she is someone who is, and will continue to be for many years to come, at the forefront of Diversity and inclusion on the global stage.” Joseph Santana, Vistage Chair, Chairman of the i4cp CDO Board, CEO, USA.

“Beatrice is amazing. I have had the honor of knowing Beatrice for a number of years starting with the the time when she launched the Black European Women’s Congress and  then the Ccouncil. She is focused, passionate and dedicated to equalities. Even more importantly, Beatrice is not afraid to have courageous conversations on topics relevant to society and equalities.” Sherry Snipes – President and CEO of Global Collaboratives, DC/USA