Beatrice Private

"The reason why I do the things I do is because I hope to make a contribution that will enable my kids and kids that look like them to not have to go through some of the challenges and uncomfortable situations I have had to go through, either because of who I am, how l look, where I come from or as a result of the combination of all of them".      Beatrice Achaleke

Beatrice is a proud and passionate mom of two, Atabong, and Nguisse, her favourite teenagers in the whole world. She refers to Atabong and Nguisse as her greatest challengers and critics. As she says, her two kids are not only the driving force behind all her activities but also her primary source of inspiration, motivation, and vision.

When she is not writing books and not working with other kids or travelling, which is very rare, she listens to music, do gardening and try out new recipes. She just loves experimental cooking.