Beatrice the Public Speaker

“Beatrice Achaleke is a magnificent teacher, speaker, mother, sister, and friend who is dedicated to life learning and rigorous application. She is a brilliant mind who seeks thorough understanding in every quest, and demands the highest motivation from her inner voice. She has invoked the passion within me to focus on my goals and not rest until they come to fruition.”                      Erika Dunlap – Miss America 2004, Florida/USA

As a transformational public speaker, Beatrice has spoken on many international platforms around the globe including TEDTalk Klagenfurt (Austria) European Forum Alpbach (Austria), The European Parliament and Commission (Brussels), Havard University (Boston, USA), Diversity Best Practice (Paris), Junio Chamber International (Johannesburg & Nairobi), League of Black women (Florida), ICUNet (Munich), United Nations (Vienna, New York and Geneva), Mercer (London), Time For Equality (Luxemburg), African Women in Leadership Summit (Mandela Bay/SA) African Diaspora Development Plattform (Nairobi/Kenya), etc.


The GloBUNTU Mindset for personal and collective growth - Executive training

Beatrice is a corporate, diversity and inclusion executive trainer. She has a rich track record of training in Austria, Germany and the USA. As founder of the GloBUNTU Mindset System®, an African inspired personal and collective growth concept, ideal for diversity and inclusion training both for the workplace and the marketplace.  With her GloBUNTU Mindset Concept, she has carried out many executive training in her constant effort to drive personal growth as well as diversity and inclusion in many organisations and companies in Austria, Germany and other European Countries.

Some of Beatrice’s clients are BFI Kärnten, BFI Linz, Vienna Medical University, Vienna Technical University, Raiffeissenbank Vienna, Project management Austria, Time for Equality Luxembourg etc. She also has a rich track record as a lecturer at many Austrian and some German Universities and training institutions. Some of them are the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the Vienna University of Applied Arts (Die Angewandte), Innsbruck Management Center, Salzburg University of Applied sciences, Graz University of Applied Arts, just to mention a few.