Her Passion

"I am a woman with many imperfections. What I love most about me is that when I wake up every morning I pinpoint one of my many imperfections and find a project I can do that will allow me to learn how to perfectly manager that imperfection." 
Beatrice Achaleke 

Beatrice wears many caps. Her current passion is no doubt her quest for her African identity and celebration her rich heritage. Researching and writing the “Africa for Smart Kids” books series and using its content to drive social entrepreneurship and unlock creative career opportunities for young Africans is her number one passion at the moment. Some of the issues that are close to her heart include Diversity and Inclusion, public speaking, teaching, Master Classes for young people, affecting transformation, cooking, gardening, listening to music, meeting new friends, travelling. Above all Beatrice says she is currently on what she calls her very personal, private, and intimate journey into knowing herself and consciously shaping and owning who she truly becomes.