Global Virtual Summit Awards for Black & Brown Kids and Youth
who are beating the covid-19 pandemic and excelling

GloBUNTU 2021 Trailblazer Awards for Outstanding Black Kids- Round 2

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our black kids have gone through a lot of stuff that we need to take the time to recognise, acknowledge, and celebrate. At GloBUNTU Books, we are committed to spotlighting, uplifting, celebrating and grooming the black African child for success.

This award is designed to acknowledge black kids in Africa and the diaspora who are beating the pandemic, doing and achieving extraordinary things at home, school, community and the world.

Please read the categories specification carefully before nominating.

This year we want to recognise our courageous kids in the following categories:

This category recognises kids and young adults who, despite the pandemic and being locked down, have  excelled at school through excellent grades, regular school attendance, have always completed their homework on time and or shown exemplary behaviour at school.

This category recognises kids and young adults who, despite the pandemic and locked down, have been able to use the time to ignite their creativity. These include all forms of creative writing and publishing, including but not limited to books, blogs, podcasts, vlogs, painting, drawings, music, poetry, radio programs etc.

Covid-10 solutions
This category recognises kids and young adults who have come up with any solution, technology, devices etc., that helps create awareness, offer protection,
prevention, cure of COVID-19.

Community impact
This category is of kids and young adults helping older people in care homes and taking care of needy and most vulnerable persons in their communities and neighbourhoods during the ongoing pandemic.

Health care awareness and service
This category recognises kids and young adults who are engaged in providing health care service to people and communities like working in a hospital, testing or vaccine centres, traditional healing centres and programs and any other health care facilities.

Family Unity
This category rewards any contributions made by kids and young adults to help families stay together, protected and happy during the lock down. These include helping with house chores, ensuring that quarantine rules (social distancing, sanitising, hygiene, etc.) are respected at home.

Inventions and innovations
This category recognises kids and young adults who, despite the ongoing pandemic and being locked down, have successfully invented Covid-19 and homeschooling related solutions that help people stay safe, protected, peaceful and happy during the pandemic.

Business and Finances
This category recognises kids and young adults who have successfully developed income-generating business solutions/concept during the pandemic, which are now giving them an income.

We welcome Nominations of  kids and young adults aged 6-20 years, of all genders from any African countries or the diaspora.

Deadline for nominations

August 5th 2021

Click on the nomination button below to nominate yours  or any child. You are allowed to nominate more than one child.

Please note that you are allow to nominate a child only in one category. However, if, in your opinion, the child you are nominating clearly excels in more than one of the award categories, kindly indicate that in your reasons for nominating the child. You may nominate more than one child in your household.

Thank you most kindly for joining me and our GloBUNTU Mums to spotlight, uplift and celebrate our black child during this challenging times. You are my personal Trailblazer!

We excitedly look forward to seeing you at the Award ceremony.

Beatrice Achaleke
GloBUNTU Books

Why a Black Kids Summit?

In 2020 we checked out on the state of our black youth across the globe. This year we are looking out for our younger ones.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our kids have been subject to many unprecedented situations in their young lives.
They have been quarantined at home, learn how to school from home, learn how to attend classes from home, using all kinds of devices. They have had to distance themselves from their loved ones, including their friends. Socialising and life, in general, has changed dramatically for our kids. The individual and collective traumatic effects of this experience is and will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Many parents are juggling daily between managing work and family from home. Amid this “new normal”,  many kids are left alone with their traumatic experiences. This event is designed to bring black kids together from different parts of the world, connect and encourage them to share their experiences, learn from each other, and hopefully build new friendships beyond their homes and families.

Topics of the summit
Some of the topics kids will be talking about include the following:

  • experiences with Covid-19
  • experiences with locked-down & wearing masks
  • effect of social distancing
  • impact of schooling from home
  • lessons learned so far during the pandemic
  • achievements during Covid-19
    wishes, contributions
  • and more

Who can speak at this summit?
To qualify as a speaker, you must be at least 6 years old and not older than 20.

Who can participate?
This summit is opened exclusively to black kids from Africa and the diaspora. They must be 18 years old or have the permission of their parents or caregivers to participate.

When: 22 JAugust 2021
Time: 14h-17:00 (SAT/GMT+2)
Where: Online event platform will be communicated upon registration.
Fee: Participation in this event is free.

Impressions from Award Round 1