Black Kids' Summit 2020

The summit will address the following key questions:
  • What does it mean to be a black kids in the world in 2020
  • How are our kids handling the pandemic?
  • What are their experiences so far
  • What are their fears and wishes?
  • How do they see their future
  • How can adults help them to best deal with their challenges and fears
  • What advice do they have for adults and the world

Speakers are black kids below fifteen.


This summit takes place on 1 Nov. 2020 in commemoration of the African Union’s Youth Day.


This is a virtual summit and as such will take place online


From 14:00-16:30 SAT (GMT+2)

Who can participate?

Both kids and adults can participate. Adults are encouraged to come to listen too the kids. Participation is available for registered participants only.

Registration coming available next

Why a black kids summit now?

The year 2020 is one that had left an indelible mark on all of us in many ways. While parents and caregivers battle with jobs, loss o of loved ones, retrenchment, loss of businesses, incomes and having to relearn how to joggle between work, self-care and homeschooling, our children have been dealing with their own big share of challenges. In June 2020 GloBUNTU Books® hosted a Global Black Youth Summit to check of the wellbeing of black youth after the public lynching of George Floyd. This second one has its spotlight on our younger ones below fifteen who were not part of the first summit.

Our black kids during the pandemic

The current pandemic and the subsequent lock-down has a significant impact on our kids. Contrary to most adults who might have gone through some life experiences that put them in a better position to deal with the current challenges, this is the first major life crisis for our kids. This explains the fact that their fears, are often overlooked, ignored or downplayed. The impact the pandemic on the mental and emotional well-being of our kids is massive and needs massive attention from is adults.

Our black kids are most exposed

Besides having to stay away from school, friends and peers, some beloved teachers and the familiar school environment, they also have to deal with learning how to learn from home, using different online learning platforms, wearing masks and learning how to take care of themselves while parents and caregivers juggle with new demands of life in quarantine and the pandemic.

For black kids the world over, this 2020 has more than just the challenges of the pandemic. Some if not all of them witnessed the public lynching of George Floyd during the pandemic some followed or joined the Black Live Matters” demonstrations. Others have questions that need answers and opinions that need to be expressed.

Being a black child in the world

Growing up as a black child is not an easy task. The generally negative image and perceptions of Africa and Africans in school books, the media, public opinion and in charity project affects our kids, sometimes more than we know or can see from the surface.

On top of that, many black kids experience different forms of discrimination, disrespect, humiliation, racism and bullying at school, on the playground, on social media and sometimes from people they know and love.

Being able to talk about their feelings and what they are going through at the moment can significantly help them to better deal with their emotions.

The mission of this summit

The second summit like the previous one is out to;

  • check on the well-being of our younger ones,
  • bring them together on one space
  • offer them a platform to express their feelings
  • connect with and share with their peers from different places
  • listen to their preoccupation, wishes and aspiration
  • acknowledge and affirm them to be their best, to grow self-confidence, self-pride, self-love and a positive self-image