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In the three videos below, our global facilitators give you multiple reasons why you must not miss out on this free workshop at any cost.  Take a few minutes to listen to Tina, Carol and Hamza.

Meet your experienced global facilitators

Exclusive package for the best results

Experience has taught us that we sometimes need to listen to life changing contents over and over again to make the best out of it. With just R800, which is $48  or €42, you  get all the videos, e-book and COVID-19 audio affirmation from Ankwetta b.  Achaleke from this workshop are yours to keep. No joke! We only have 10 packages available. 

Express Workshop For Business Minded Black YouthOnly 25 seats available

This high-profile workshop is part of phase two of the First Global Virtual Black Youth Summit. This workshop is the beginning of a monthly series of workshops, designed to train, coach, mentor and support black youth ready and or eager to join the growing and booming digital business community.

The one lesson COVID-19 has taught us is that the world of business and work has changed forever. While traditional businesses increasing face losses and in some cases retrenchment of workers, online businesses are witnessing a remarkable boom. This workshop is for you if you want to know what it takes to start up or boost your online business.

Join leading industry trendsetters and learn how to start up recurring and sustainable income generating online businesses from scratch, with no start up capital and no expert knowledge.

This workshop focuses on four leading income generating digital products which are:

  • Podcasting
  • Merchandise
  • Edutainment
  • Automation

Welcome to your future!

Seats are limited, early registration highly recommended.

This express and high profile workshop is worth R6530 which is $390 or €342.

However given the current effect of the current pandemic on the finances of black youth, your participation is fully waived by the GloBUNTU Books and Partners.