Virtual Global Black Youth Summit Phase 2

Express Workshop One: Let's go digital together

Who can join this workshop?

This workshop is exclusively for Black Youth who: ·     

  • in search for a passive, extra or recurring income     
  • lost their jobs due to the pandemic         
  • are curious and keen to create online income·     
  • are tried of waiting and ready to try something new·         
  • want to explore possibilities of the digital revolution·     
  • have no money and no support to start a business
  • are daring, ambitious, curious and unapologetic

Max number of learners

To ensure maximum participation and results, there are only10 seats available. Early registration is recommened

Mindfulness: Please only register if you are able to take full part on all 4 afternoons.

Admission requirements

  • Registration on time/ first come first served
  • Equipped with a pc/laptop or smartphone
  • Access to Wi-Fi throughout the four days
  • Willing and ready to fully participate in all the excises
  • Basic knowledge of and ability to use work online
  • Social media handle if possible, if not, no worries
  • Readiness to experiment, you can only win
  • Ability and readiness for team work


Online, live, interactive and practical

Relevance to African identity

Participation is only open to black youth

All products created will have something to do with Africa and its people. 

Participation fee

his 12 hours workshop is worth R19200 ($1105)

However, given the current economic challenges, participants can pay whatever amount they can afford. If you really want to join but do not have the money right now, do not let this stop you from joining. Talk to me today.


 Your first 3 online stores in just 12 hrs

One of the dramatic consequences of Covid-19 and the resulting lock-down is the massive lost of jobs and drop incomes. Not so for digital entrepreneurs. Let’s make you one of them. Your nothing to lose and everything to win. If not now when then? 

On the other side of every adversity lies an opportunity if not bigger!

Drastic times call for urgent, recurring, persistent and collaborative measures. 

Key objective of course

This experimental and highly practical course is designed to take you from nothing to creating, owning and running your first three online store in just 12 hours.

Course content

You will know and do the following by the end of this workshop:·     

  • income generating possibilities online·     
  • how to transform your passion into a digital product·     
  • find your specific niche online·     
  • design your first online collection·     
  • open your first three online stores·     
  • build collaborative marketing team around you·     
  • launch your first three shop
  • and much more

Number of modules/lessons

4 modules, July 1-4 2020

Expected outcome

At the end of the workshop participant would have learned the following:

·      Comparative advantages of digital Vs. traditional entrepreneurship

·      Digital income generating possibilities and challenges

·      Step by step approach on how to create their first digital product

·      Digital product launching GPS of and how to navigate

·      Practical knowledge and experience on how to go from an idea to designing, creating and launching an online shop

·      Each participant will walk away with her/his own first online shop.

·      A community of peers and affiliate partners

Time and Duration

12 hours spread over 4 days,

July 1-4 daily from 14:30-17:30 SAT

You will accomplish the following

  • Your online shop is your certificate
  • The five best participants will be mentored to become co-trainers in subsequent workshops.
  • All successful participants will be invited to join the GloBUNTU Collective Wealth Creation Program that gives them access to extra earning possibilities.

Welcome to the GloBUNTU Black Youth Digital Business Hub (GBY-DBH), which is Phase II of the Virtual Global Black Youth Summit 2020.

Please kindly note that access to this space is exclusively            for Black Youth!

We understand Black Youth in this context to be people of African descent living in Africa or the Diaspora.

The GBY-DBH is the place where your real transformation begins if you are ready for it. We designed the First Virtual Black Youth Summit to go beyond the usual talk.

PHASE II gives you access to the full footage of the first Summit and to our Digital Business Hub, which offers many tailor-cut programs that include but are not limited to lectures, webinars,  trainings, masterclasses, mentorship, coaching, concerts and much more for you.