Express Yourself In Writing
The GloBUNTU 14 Days Blueprint Coaching
20 April - 4 May 2020

With Beatrice Achaleke- serial author & Publisher

Some feelings, experiences, events, circumstances are better expressed in writing. I know this from my own experiences as an author of 22 books and from coaching kids and adults to write and have their books published.  

Writing as a form of expression is liberating, therapeutic, empowering, enabling.    It is live transformational for both the author and the readers. 

Nine out of ten potential authors give up their dreams of being an author out of self-doubt, insecurity, and the fear of trying. Some procrastinate until when it is too late. This 14 days crash online coaching is for you if you have something to say and need someone to take your by the hand, show you how to overcome all your fears and insecurity and to have you start and finish your first masterpiece in just 14 days. 

This present course is full. No worries the next is on the way soon. 

I super excitedly look forward to having you in the online class!

Beatrice Achaleke