GloBUNTU Global Reading Championship for Black Kids

Here is our list of selected authors you can chose from

We have carefully selected 200 influential African personalities from different walks of life, from the content and the diaspora, who thought their lives and writings have made or are still making a significant contribution to promoting authentic African history, culture, identity and heritage.

We at GloBUNTU Books firmly believe that each black child who comes in contact with these leaders and their work (most of which are still not used in schools) would be will decisive inspired by them to absolute greatness. 

This list will be available here soon.


Why a Reading Championship for Black Kids?

GloBUNTU Books is promoting reading among black kids in celebration of Africa and Youth Month 2021.

There is no doubt that digital technology has conquered our lives forever. Our black kids spend more time online than they do anywhere else. In as much as online has lots of advantages, one of its biggest disadvantages is that it drastically reduces the love and ability of our black kids to read, thereby making them reading illiterates.

The sad truth is that many of them are intimidated by the mere sight of a book. Even more painful is knowing that there are many black households today with no books.

Understanding the importance of reading as a source o knowledge, skill acquisition and wisdom, we have carefully designed the GloBUNTU Global Reading Championship to make reading attractive for black kids.

What makes this program stand out is that it exposes and encourages black kids to read not just any books but instead carefully selected books that will give them a proud sense of identity, self-worth and boost their self-confidence. We have no doubts that exposing our kids to this calibre of influential black authors will decisively influence their personal growth and life choices forever.  


To use a carefully designed reading concept to groom a global generation of Africa-savvy citizens who know and own their rich history and carry their complex black identity, rich culture and vast heritage with pride.

Action plan 

Monthly virtual reading championship in different African and colonial languages in three age categories: 5-9, 10-12, 13-16.

How it works 

Registration: Parents and caretakers register their kids for the championship.

Once your registration is accepted, your child is assigned a date and a time slot for their virtual reading session.

Preparation: You and your child select the content you want to read from our carefully selected list of authors. When you find your author and the piece you want to read, prepare yourself well for your spotlight.

Your spotlight: Each champion has 10 minutes to read her/his text on their assigned date and time. You will receive instructions on how to get into the studio and how it works.

What we expect of you

  • You appear in the studio at the designated time
  • Read your text as best as you can
  • Tell us why you chose that particular author and text
  • Tell us what you understand from the author and the text
  • Tell us what you learned about your African identity and heritage from reading the text
  • Tell us how what you just understood is going to influence your life from now on.

Our tribe of elders

A tribe of four carefully selected wise elders will oversee each reading, give feedback and grade each champion based on the following criteria

  • Punctuality 10 points
  • Personality 10 points
  • Charisma 10 points
  • Reading ability 10 points
  • Choice of text 10 points
  • Interpretation of text 15 points
  • Lesson learned from text 15 points
  • How this is going to change the life of the champion 20 points

Total number of points available (100)

Your rewards: Each champion receives a certificate of participation.

Champions with the highest scores between 70 upwards

  • GloBUNTU ABC affirmations for the black child
  • Three months of personal growth mentorship by one of our elders
  • Nonrefundable voucher for a GloBUNTU Book of your choice (value R300)
  • 10 hours book writing mentorship with Beatrice Achaleke 
  • Nonrefundable coupon for the publication for your first book (value R5000)

Champions who score 50-69 points

  • GloBUNTU ABC affirmations for the black child
  • Three months of personal growth mentorship by one of our elders
  • Voucher for a GloBUNTU Book of your choice

Champions who score below 50 points

Get a second chance to come back.


Our virtual reading championships take place every first Saturday of the month from May 2021 from 15:00-14:30 SAT (GMT+2) from the GloBUNTU Books virtual studio.

The championship is stream live on our Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages.

Once your registration is accepted, we send you detailed information on how to prepare yourself best to join us in the studio. 

We are super excited to welcome you to this exciting championship!