GloBUNTU ABC Affirmations for the Black Child

Growing up, as a black child is not an easy task given all the negative perceptions, projections and images about people and Africa, the place we call home. Having experienced this negativity myself, first as a child, teenager, adult and mum of black kids born and raised in Europe, I know what I am talking. Above all, I also know how important it is to embrace one’s self, grow self-confidence, boost self-esteem and to be proud of who we are and our African identity and heritage. For us to own our dark skin, kinky hair, thick lips, big hips and all that makes us stand out, we need to be able to affirm ourselves daily. May these ABC Affirmations unlock the side of you and help you unleash the real powers of who you truly were created to be.

ISBN: 9781094964966