Let's talk about Black Ancestral Wisdom from the house of History - Listen anew to the voices of our Ancestors

As Africans, we are privileged to have a world of wisdom handed down to us by our ancestors to learn from so we can grow as individuals and as a collective. This compilation of Pan-African and Ubuntu ancestral wisdom takes you to the house of history in Africa, America, the Caribbean and South America and introduces you to some of our greatest female and male ancestors of all times. It opens the door to their wisdom and invites you to listen anew to the messages they left behind for us so you can learn from their experiences, visions and teachings. This collection is an authentic and rich source of inspiration and knowledge for every smart kid, parent, and teacher, in every society. 


It is designed to connect, share, teach, empower, uplift, heal, activate and above all, to instil a profound and proud sense of identity and legacy in black kids and adults.“Your work is amazing, the idea and the way it is presented. I love that the pictures are followed by respective words of wisdom.  I believe it would be a great accompaniment for parents who read to their kids”. Vhonani Neluvhalani, Attorney, Lecturer, LLD candidate and mum of five.

ISBN: 9781548483852