The "Letters to ..." Book Series

Decluttering, detoxing, and healing while creating an inter-generational and global blueprint legacy

Letters .... call for global co-authors Seasons 1 now open closing

Workshop for Season 2 Open

What is the series all about?

It is about using writing as a form of expression to:

1.) liberate, declutter, detox and heal ourselves from otherwise hurting and traumatising life experiences and 2.) to express gratitude, share love, joy and life lessons with others. It is about creating a collective blueprint legacy that connects our past with our present and the future. It is about given ourselves the permission to express ourselves, our feelings and to finally tell our own stories in our own words.

The current pandemic has reminded us of some of the many experiences that need in-depth conversations with our loved ones as we journey through life. For so many reasons, however, we don’t always have these conversations until it is sometimes too late. And then we find ourselves living with the wounds, pains, hurt and generational traumas that we would easily have avoided with a conversation.

So, as a result, we spend our lifetime regretting, beating ourselves, feeling miserable and worst of all, passing the hurting and trauma on to the people we love the most, consciously or on consciously. Without knowing, we create a pathology of pain and trauma around us and wonder why life is so hard for us, generation after generation.

What are the plans for the series?                                                                            We plan to start with e-books that we can later republish as hard and softcover books if need be. Each title features between 15 letters from 15 contributors. Each letter has between 800 and 1000 words (including spaces). Whereby contributors are encouraged to contribute to more than just one title of the series, they can only submit one contribution per book title.

Who can be a co-author?                                                                                                Our targeted co-authors for this series are black families, across the globe, between the ages of 18 and above. We also welcome kids below 18; however, they must have parents or caregivers’ written consent. We are only taking 15 contributors per workshop, so please only register if you are sure to participate.

How does it work?                                                                                                            This project is more than just a book writing project. It is about coming together, connecting, sharing and building a global healing community of black sisterhood and brotherhood that goes beyond the book contribution and our geographical location in the world.

What shall we write about?
To help co-authors effortlessly and joyfully take part in this project, we have set up title-specific workshops per book title to coach all interested contributors, give them the right tools, skills and motivation to help them effortlessly write their letters.

In this 60 mins workshop, you will:

  • learn how to over fear, self-doubts etc to get started with your writing
  • received a template and guidance on what and how to write
  • submission deadlines and what happens after that.
  • get answers to all your questions with regards to the publication

When are the workshops starting?
The first workshop block for the first four book titles is from Wednesday, October 27-30 2021. This 60 mins workshop will give you the skills and tools you need and put you in the perfect mind space to get you started straight away. After the masterclass, contributors have 14 days to submit their letters. Please feel free to register for all the workshops with book titles you would like to contribute to


Why should you become a co-author?                                                                     There are many reasons why being part of the project will be beneficial to you. Here are 10 of them:

  • You will gain writing skills and tools that are yours forever.
  • It offers you space to detox, declutter, express yourself in writing, and say all the things you have always wanted to say. 
  • You will be a co-author for a growing series that has the power to heal beyond your own families
  • You will become a member of an international community of black sisters and brothers with many possibilities and opportunities.
  • You will be a co-author/contributor to a series that can incredibly enhance your relationship with yourself, your family, loved ones.
  • Being part of the series can help you reboot and relaunch and take your career and business to a higher level.
  • The GloBUNTU Mindshift concept you will learn during this project will help you gain more clarity and serenity in your life.
  • Participating will help you heal some of your old wounds.
  • You will have access to the letters of all the contributors.
  • You will be part of an indelible and timeless blueprint legacy for the present and the next generations.
The Global Mastermind
The project team consists of black sisters from different parts of the world, including Africa, Europe, and the USA.
Our team of editors includes:
Ankwetta b. Achaleke – curator, editor-chief and publisher
Awards-winning Serial Author, Publisher of GloBUNTU Books, TedTalk Public Speaker, Proud African Mum, Sister …  (Cameroon/Austria/South Africa)
Dr. Alecia Blackwood – Co-curator and editor
Author, Founder, Educator, Entrepreneur, Executive Trainer, Mum, Sister ..  (Jamaica/Florida/USA)
Elykiah Doumbe –Co-Curator & editor
Senior Journalist, Community Advocate, paradigm shifter, Educator, Sister, Aunty … (Cameroon/Canada)
Samantha Vann – Co-Curator & editor
Accomplished Serial Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Mum, Sister… (Michigan/USA)


Can I contribute to more than one series?
Sure, once you are in the process, you may discover that you have more than one letter to write. You are welcome to contribute to as many titles as you wish.

What if I do not want to be known as the author?
We do understand that you might, for whatever reason, not want to out yourself as a contributor. Therefore, we welcome direct and anonymous contributions with fictitious author names.

What if I know someone who may want to be a co-author?
We love big families; please feel invited to refer the persons to us or share he registration link with them

What happens after I submit my contribution?
The curator and editors will review all submissions after the deadline and give feedback to each co-author within 14 days. You then have five days to make any changes needed. After five days, the team finalised and compiled the letters into the final manuscript, designed and published by GloBUNTU Books. 

What about my intellectual property rights?
Each co-author is credited in the book as a contributor/co-author. As a co-author, you will sign an agreement that defines all copyright issues.

What happens after the books are published?
We plan to to have a series of book launches in different places and books reviews. We more plans for this series that will unfold with the series.

How many titles does the series have?
This is a growing series. At the moment we have 32 titles planed.

What if I have more questions?
We have more answers for you and would love to hear your questions. Please bring all your questions to the masterclass, or send an email to

How can I become a co-author?

Join our workshops and gain all the insight, coaching, skills, tools and mindshift that will help you better express yourself as a contributor. We are lining up  workshops specific to each book title to help contributors know what and how to skillfuly craft their letters. Below are upcoming workshops. 

Season 02 – Workshops 1 +2