Holiday Master Classes

Dignity, self-confidence, self-worth and much more

Every black child can and should write a book for many reasons. Writing is liberating and therapeutic, especially for kids who have gone through life challenges like the identity crisis, bullying, abuse or violence of any kind, or even the loss of a loved one. Writing boosts a child’s self-worth, helps grow self-esteem, gives/restores self-confidence and self-pride. Besides it being a form of entrepreneurship, it also helps a child build a lifelong legacy and a professional profile from a young age.

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20/50 Young Authors Commitment
In celebration of her 50th Birthday in 2020, Beatrice Achaleke is challenging herself and GloBUNTU Books to identify and coach 50 potential black young authors to write and have their books published before she turns 51 on 1 March 2021.

With only R 19900 sponsorship/investment, you cover the cost of editing, page setting, designing and printing of the first 100 copies of a young author’s first book. This is your real chance to become an indelible part of ta lifelong blueprint legacy of future leaders when it is still possible. Check out from page 9 for other exclusive rewards for your support. Click here to talk to us. (link to email)