Express yourself in writing - Season 3

Meet your experienced global facilitators

Meet Beatrice Achaleke

Beatrice Achaleke is a global citizen with over 25 years of international experience. Serial author of 23 books and publisher of GloBUNTU Books Beatrice is a proud mother of two, a lecturer, author, transformational public speaker, executive trainer, diversity and inclusion expert, founder several organizations and concepts including the GloBUNTU Transformational Mindshift System™. She is a multiple award-winning social transfopreneur.

From 1995-2015 she lived in Europe and worked around the globe. She is founder many organisations and companies including the Black Women’s Community 2003, and the International Center for Black Women’s perspectives 2006. Convenor of the 2008 First Black European Women Congress, the resulting Black European Women’s Council, under her leadership. In this position, she worked very closely with the European Commission and Parliament as well as its affiliate institutions.

In 2008 Beatrice was the first black woman to stand for parliamentary elections in Austria. In 2010 the award-winning blog “Black Women in EuropeTM “Power List 2010” featured her as one of the most influential black women in Europe.

She lectured in several Austrian and European institutions and organizations as well as lecturer at different Austrian and German universities such as the Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Applied Arts, Management Center Innsbruck, etc.

As a passionate transformational public speaker, Beatrice has spoken at many international and high-ranking forums in Africa, America and Europe, including the European Parliament and Commission, the UN offices in Geneva, Vienna and New York, the Austrian Presidency, Harvard University in Boston etc. She is a multiple international award winner.

What past students  say about Beatrice Achaleke  

“Beatrice is a brilliant social engineer. She understands how to help writers activate the divine inspiration within. Her coaching sessions are designed in a way to motivate and inspire you to write even when things get challenging. I guarantee you will leave feeling inspired to keep writing because she will  empower you with the tools to be successful!” Dr. Alecia Blackwood, co-founder, Africa Kutcha Schook, Floriday, USA.

 “When I signed up for the Detox Yourself Writing Course with Beatrice Achaleke, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Many times when people offer free courses, it is water down format. This was not the case with sis Beatrice. She was detailed, and her delivery was refreshing. I found her to be authentic. The resources she presented were easy to understand. She made herself available for feedback. One of the highlights of the course was having the 12-year-old author who has been able to write and have her books published by sis Beatrice share her journey with us. It inspired me, and I can’t wait to have my first book out.” Wanda Layne, teacher, New York, USA

“Beatrice is that mentor that will hold your hand through your finding-your-writing-feet phase. This is where I have been with the so very many stories that I want to tell but still struggle with. I’ve started and stopped so many times over the past 3 months and struggled with sticking to one writing style.  Having  committed to myself and to the time and effort that Beatrice invested in me kept me coming back and trying again.  I watched her videos on YouTube again and considered the literature that she has offered to Africa. These two I found to be great resources, inspiration and direction. Here I am at a point where I am finally flowing. I have set a launch date for my book in the next couple of months.” Celuxolo Stewart, Spiritual healer, Afrosavvy, South Africa.

Detox yourself from Covid-19 and other life experiences

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou-

If this sounds familiar to you the you need a detox!

One day, one week, four weeks, one month, and now soon for five months. We have been locked down for almost half of 2020. So much has and is still happening. Have you lost someone dear to you? Have you been kept away from your loved ones because of social distancing? Did you lose your job, was your business locked down too? Have you been compelled to juggle between working from home and learning how to home school your kids?

If this sounds like you then you have a story to write!

Are you tired of zooming in and out of meetings and working from home? Are you lock-down in an abusive relationship? How is your mental well-being? How much new information did you have to absorb since the outbreak of COVID-19? Are all these experiences holding you captive? Do you need to offload and just breathe? Do you need to free your mind, soul, and body from all the toxicity? Are you in need of a thorough detox? One that not only liberates but helps you sort out your life, help you find clarity, serenity, and peace of mind?

We have carefully designed this masterclass for you!

If this is you, then look no further. Did you know that writing is one of the best ways to liberate yourself from unwanted baggage, to redefine yourself in moments of challenges? I know this from my personal experiences. In 2014 shit happened to my life; I did a TedTalk and wrote the book “Shit Happens. How to transform your breakdown into a collective breakthrough.” Writing that book was not only the best therapy, it gave me the courage to make some long-overdue decisions that opened bright new doors for me. 

This is how we do it!

There is a big gap between “wanting” to write your story and “actually” getting started, finishing, editing, designing, and getting it published. This process requires a mind-shift, focused guardians, special rituals to keep you motivated, inspired, and concentrated from start to finish. On top of that, you need a blueprint tool that has proven to work for more than 32 books, two dedicated and passionate serial authors and you are good to go. This is what multiple award-winning serial authors and passionate publisher Beatrice Achaleke and Pauline F. Baird bring to the table of this masterclass. Never written a thing before? No worries. All you need is the desire, determination, and readiness to take action, and you are good to go. 

Here are your lessons in this masterclass

  1.  Getting ready – or how to affirm yourself to write
  2. T + D = B or how to get on the mindset of a successful writer
  3. Possible challenges and how to overcome them
  4. Watch out! Forms of self-sabotage and how to overcome them
  5. The big 3: Fear, self-doubt and procrastination and how to eliminate them
  6. The GloBUNTU Blueprint template - your writer’s GPS
  7. Q & A – Your quality time with the experts
  8. From Here to There: 5 Ways to make time to write and foolproof your writing game!
  9. 3 Moves to Make Your Stories Stick
  10. Banishing Loneliness and Overwhelm from your writing adventures.
This masterclass is worth R9900 or $522
Given the current economic situation we are giving all all 10 modules to you for free. All you have to do is covers material cost which is R2000 or USD120

Meet your facilitator, Pauline F. Baird

Dr. Pauline Felicia Baird is a professor of English with BA, MA, and Ph.D. in English. She is a native of Guyana and a US citizen. Her teaching experience spans more than four decades in which she has taught writing and English students in primary school to University and community groups on three continents and three islands. Dr. Baird has taught composition, research, writing, and literature full-time and online to students in South America, Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Dr. Baird is a specialist in cultural storytelling and writing to preserve and sustain women’s and village histories. Her monthly column titled, Wah Dih Story Seh, in the Buxton-Friendship Express news magazine, earned her the 2019 Godfrey Chin Award for Heritage Journalism.

In 2014, Dr. Baird won the prestigious Scholars for the Dream Travel Award from the Conference on College of Composition and Communication. Her work appears in several academic journals, including JALT and Callaloo, among others. She has authored three books for families under GloBUNTU Books and Komaka Tree Books. Two of her new titles are forthcoming for a 2020 publication date.