Be a part of an indelible legacy!

Welcome to our First Virtual Global Black Youth Summit 2020 collection! The theme of this collection is “A Safe Space To Breathe”. It is in commemoration of the African Child. Your purchase is an investment in our summit and its subsequent activities. So please, grab yours fast and kindly share with your family and friends!

This first collection is made up of  two hoodies, a bag and a t-shirt. We thank you kindly in advance for your support!

Every black child can and should write a book for many reasons. Writing is liberating and therapeutic, especially for kids who have gone through life challenges like the identity crisis, bullying, abuse or violence of any kind, or even the loss of a loved one. Writing boosts a child’s self-worth, helps grow self-esteem, gives/restores self-confidence and self-pride. besides it being a form of entrepreneurship, it also helps a child build a lifelong legacy and a professional profile from a young age. 

Thank you for  investing in our 21/50 young writer’s commitment by wearing something unique, exclusive and meaningful! We use the revenue from our merchandise to groom our young authors.