Affirmative Self-Activation

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This ebook contains 148 powerfully crafted affirmations to help you tap into your inner, God-given gifts.

This ebook is from  B. Achaleke’s “affirmative Lifestyle” Series made of 14 e-books. She created the series out of her own need to affirm herself back to life after sh*t happened to her life in 2014. Thanks to these Affirmations she was able to make some radical life-changing decisions and today, only 6 years down the line she is the author of 23 books, publisher of over 40 books. She has also used these affirmations to coach over 15 kids and many adults to write their own books. They would definitely help you too.  Let’s train YOUR MIND to activate your senses, mind, and soul to work with you, for YOU!




Beatrice Achaleke Fonya


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