Africa for smart kids book 1- Let’s talk about Africa

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Discover Africa through another pair of eyes and listen to fascinating insights, facts and figures that will open your mind to a completely new Africa, a continent full of surprises!

“Let’s talk about Africa” is Book 1 of our new “Africa for Smart Kids” series. Enjoy and watch out for Book 2.

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It is the United Nation’s International Decade for People of African Descent, so Nguisse and Atabong, two teenage children of an African mother and a European father, born and brought up in Europe decided to find out more about their origins in Africa. They meet their Cousin Prince Fuareke, a very smart and knowledgeable 16-year-old student, and an exciting conversation about Africa begins. What’s more, Mosquito Zangalo awaits you at the end of each chapter with a challenge to test your knowledge of the facts you have learned.

ISBN: 978-1541210127



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