Africa for Smart Kids book 2 : Where is Africa?


We hope that you enjoyed this book 2. Look for book three with the title “Are all Africans black?”

In this second instalment of our “Africa for Smart Kids” series, our three storytellers provide you with many reasons why you should know about Africa today. They then take you to the different regions of this fascinating continent, tell you what Africa is number one in the world for … and much more. Come join our three teenagers and Mosquito Zangalo on another exciting journey through Africa, the continent where the future is happening. This Book 2 can be read as a continuation of Book 1 or independently. It is your next step in discovering the second largest continent in the world.

“I love this book and have no doubts that you will too” (Prince Fuareke, your Storyteller- in-Chief).

 “I never knew talking about Africa could be this exciting. I can’t wait for book 3” (Atabong, your Chief Analyst)


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