Africa for smart kids book 6: What is enslavement

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This book is the logical complement of book 5 and will give you some thought-provoking insights about enslavement. Enjoy the read!

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What is the difference between slavery and enslavement? Why were Africans captured and enslaved by the colonialists? How did captured Africans go from Africa to the Americas? What is the port of No Return? From which African countries were captured Africans shipped away? How did the enslaved Africans regain their freedom? Who are some of the people who fought for the liberation of enslaved Africans? Why should we celebrate every African who was forcefully taken away from the continent by the colonialists? Join Nguisse, Atabong, Prince Fuareke and Mosquito Zangalo in this book 6 and find out the answers to these questions and much more. Enjoy, and please share with your loved ones and remember to always ask your own questions and find your own answers. ISBN: 9781548483210


Beatrice Achaleke Fonya


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