GloBUNTU Masterclass for Women 40+

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“Life actually does begin at 40. Until then you are doing research”

Karl Gustav Jung

Are you in your 40s or above? If yes, then congratulations! If you are 40, then REAL life is just about to begin for you. If you are 40+, then you would already have noticed that you are in the middle of life itself.

What is so particular about women 40+? Click here details and registration.

The answer is simple; at 40+, we have gone through so many stages in life. We have grown from being an innocent, dependent child pass the critical and experimental teenage phase, the intriguing and exciting young adulthood phase, the challenging yet demanding and sometimes rewarding womanhood, and maybe be also a self-learning motherhood phase as well.

On the way, through all of these stages, you have experienced different forms of relationships (intimate, emotional, social, professional, spiritual etc.) You have been exposed to live in its diverse, yet intriguing, exciting yet challenging, fun yet dramatic, rewarding yet aggressive and often times merciless twists and forms. Click here to register.


Beatrice Achaleke


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