Let’s talk about Africa’s Female Presidents and Prime Ministers


This book show you the untold powers, achievements and tenacity of African women. Did you know what we had our first female prime minister before Europe? Have fun discovering our political pioneers!

Afrifca's Female Presidents and Prime Ministers
Africa’s Presidents & Prime Ministers

Did you know that Africa has 54 independent countries and that 23 of the 54 have had a Female Presidents, Female Vice Presidents, Female Prime Ministers, and Female Deputy Presidents? Did you also know that we Africans had our first Female Prime Minister, Elisabeth Domitien as far back as 1975, four years before Europe had Margaret Thatcher? And did you know that up until now America has neither had a Female President nor even a Female Vice President? This is no April fool. It just shows you how little we know about Africa, the second largest continent in the world.

This book spotlights and celebrates African women in political leadership.

ISBN: 9781094963549


Beatrice Achaleke Fonya


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