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Wellcome to our Africa for Smart Kids conversation series  2018!

Intro to the “Africa for Smart Kids Conversations” by Beatrice Achaleke, author of Africa for Smart Kids books Series, and publisher of GloBUNTU® BooksWe write and publish what we love to read!

Growing up in the UK as a young girl of African descent!

Join me in our first conversation with my Mentor, Carol Stewart, founder and CEO of Abounding Solutions, a UK based company specialising in career, business and leadership development for high achieving introverted women. This conversation is about growing up as a person of African Descent in the UK. We had network connection challenges during this conversation. Thank you for understanding


Parenting as an African in Europe

Part one of my conversation with Mrs Chinwe Ukuku, Founder and CEO of the Lagos based Incubation Center to Renewable technologies Ltd is about her experiences a young immigrant in Austria, about life, becoming a parent in Austria and parenting in a culture outside of the one you grew up in. The connection between Johannesburg and Lagos was not the best, but we insisted!

Returning back home from Europe and starting up your business 

Part two of my conversation with Mrs Chinwe Ukuku, Founder and CEO of the Lagos based Incubation Center to Renewable technologies Ltd is about her she made the radical decision to leave Europe after many years, leaving her family, and friends behind, to start up her three businesses in Nigeria, her country of origin. Thank you for understanding breakages du to network connectivity.

The life of a highly qualified African intellectual and father up a black child in Danemark 

My next conversation is with Dr Primus Tazanu, one of the academic leaders from my very own village, Lebang -Fontem in Cameroon, who is currently an independent consultant in Copenhagen, the capital of Danmark. In this part one, we are talking about life in general, and parenting now and then, at home and in a foreign country. 

Identity, Black Panther, Humanity, Madela centinary and the Africa we want to see

Part two of my conversation about Dr Primus Tazanu is about our African Identity, lessons from the Black Panther film, the Nelson Mandela Centenary and many other related issues. Here we go.

Beware of the other side of charity, it is not what you think it is!

And yes there was a part 3 of my conversation with Dr Primus Tazanu. In spite of network challenge between Johannesburg and Copenhagen, we had great conversation. This part is about what how important is for us own and driving our own Africa.

aspire2inspire - from Cameroon to Canada, from Douala to Toronto and back home

This next conversation is with Odette E Doumbé, my long-term friend, sister, business partners and souce of inspiration. Odette Odette E. Doumbe is the Founder and Exec. Director aspire2inspire, a youth oriented initiative consisting of a series of quarterly conversational evenings that brings together successful Africans to share inspiration around the process in their journey to life and to success, to help inspire aspiring African change drivers and the youth. This is our first edition.