Wah Dih Story Seh?
Pauline F. Bird

Do you tell and (re) tell stories you grew up hearing? Do your children tune you out when you tell those “ole time stories”? Do they ask more questions than you can answer, especially if you live in the diaspora? How do you cultivate intergenerational and intercultural storytelling, across geographies? If this is your story, this book is for you.

Take a journey across the globe with Uncle Edwin, Marlon, and Willy the Water Frog (in Guyana). Kay (in New York), Dee (in Antigua), Prince Fuareke (in Cameroon, one of the main storytellers from the “Africa For Smart Kids” book series). They speak in English and Creolese language.

Listen and learn about Wah Dih Story Seh? — a practice used among African descendants in Buxton Village. By the way, did you know that formerly enslaved Africans in Guyana purchased Buxton Village in 1840 and 1841? Dear reader, these conversations are yours to take off these pages into the world at the prompting of the ubiquitous, Willy the Water Frog. Let’s get talking!

ISBN-13: 978-1984264961