Why having a loving family is so important for every child
Tumisho Motene

Having a loving family is the wish of every kid and losing a loved one is something very painful to families. Grieving and mourning is a natural healing process for the loss. However, children are generally left out of this process and this has devastating consequences on them. In his first book, Tumisho uses his own experience to open our eyes, first on what happens when kids are not loved and then when they are left out of the grieving process and secondly to teach us about the important role a loving family and the community can in understanding and helping kids when they are grieving. 

As we journey through life as parents, there comes a time when some one we love passes. When this happens our kids need our attention and love more than ever. “Why having a loving family is important for every child”, tells the story of Tumisho’s own healing after the loss of his eldest brother, from a child’s perspective. It is a “must read” for every family, especially those grieving the los of a loved one.”  Beatrice Achaleke, GloBUNTU Books

ISBN: ISBN: 9798612741671